The Legislative Branch is a form of state government, and each state has its own. 

This branch can also be called Congress and is split into two parts: The House of Representatives and the Senate. 

Both of these parties meet in the Capitol Building (left) in Washington D.C.

What does the legislative branch do?
  • Makes laws/passes bills
  • Collect the people's taxes
  • Establish post offices
  • Coin and print money
  • Make rules for trading with other states and countries
  • Build armies & provide for the navy

House of Representatives:
  • 435 members
  • Each state has at least one member, but states with bigger populations have more members (Ex.: California had 53 members because it has more people living in it than Hawaii, which has 2 representatives)

  • 100 members
  • Each state has 2 members, called Senators

How did the Constitution create this branch of government?
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Now can you guess which article of the Constitution created the next branch of government?

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Now you know about state government! 
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